St.Paul’s Cathedral

St.Paul’s Cathedral has been the place where the church is located in London since the 604 ad, and the church was named after Paul, a Gothic cathedral, which was destroyed by a fire. The existing building is the British potato design masters and architect Ktof Wren after decades built.
A two layer of figure ten is the main body of the church building, the middle of the building is 100 meters up to the dome dome. Divided into two layers of top garden of the lower is a circular stone, the tip of the dome stands a gilded cross. The front of the church is an arched dome, with 12 root tall round pillars supporting the. The upper part of the stone column is a “person” wall of the St Paul to Damascus missionary work. The “person” is a St Paul’s show.
As the spiritual pillar of the British, the British people have been regarded as the Church of St Paul in the flame of the Phoenix rose again. British medicine Er period prince in 1981 here held a wedding ceremony and so many want to witness this world-wide event will advance here is surrounded watertightly.
Hyde Park is located in the city of london. The southeast corner of the park is connected to St. James Park, Green Park and Imperial Garden Buckingham Palace, forming a green belt of up to several kilometers. North of the park free gallery is a Huadian gathered in the street, the decoration inside the bizarre and motley of still life, people, landscape, there are pictures of naked. The park is located in the city of London in the downtown area, known as the “heart of London” reputation. Therefore, each person will travel to London to visit here.
Hyde Park dry 1536 to all the Royal, Henry VIII, was turned into a court field. In 1635, it was a world, as horse racing and racing venues. In 1730, the wife of George II F. Luo Linlang queen orders in two Hyde and West Kensington Park building dams in aqueous lake, is now Park plug Peng Dinghu. Here the broad lake, beautiful scenery, is ideal for visitors rowing. A Luteenluo “located on the lake to the south, is a towering old trees, shade spilled in the path, it was the era of William III’s Royal Yidao, is now trail riding in Lunjiao town is the most fashionable.
The northeast corner of Hyde Park is famous in the world “from the mountain corner, Tan” is a piece of about 2200 square meters of cement ground. Every weekend afternoon, visitors to the 1 people in Oxford, who will be standing on the ladder or soap box, the people who have made a speech, are here to stay,
Speaker lecture content variety: some should be the freedom of religion, some talk of “socialism”, some Yang Yi racial discrimination, some advocates national liberation 1 and performances of hypnosis. But it can not exceed the scope of government regulations, otherwise they will be detained to maintain security police and plainclothes officers. The London man called the “Freedom Forum” as the “soap box””.

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