Mysterious Nam Co

Nam Co is located in the central Tibet autonomous region, is the second largest lake in Tibet, is also the third largest salt lake in china. Lake 4718 meters above sea level, the shape of an approximate rectangle, more than and 70 kilometers east, North and South more than and 30 kilometers wide, covering an area of more than 1 thousand and 920 square kilometers.
Early scientific investigation that the maximum depth of 33 meters, but the most recent two years on the lake to re survey found that Nam Co is more than 120 meters deep. Water storage capacity of 76 billion 800 million cubic meters, the world’s highest in the sea of large lakes.
“Nam Co” is Tibetan, Mongolian name “Tengger sea”, is the “Lake” of italy. Nam Co in Tibet is one of the “three lakes”. Namtso is ancient male Dharma Mr Yong taught the first God lake, one of the famous Buddhist shrine.
Nam Co is the end of the third century and the early of the fourth century, the Great Basin and the formation of Himalaya depression movement. Its formation and development are controlled by the geological structure, which is formed by the movement of Himalaya sag, which is a fault depression structure lake, and has the trace of glacial action. Due to the Tibetan Plateau climate gradually drying, Namtso area greatly reduced, the existing ancient rock lake line is 8 ~ 10, the highest road from now the lake is about 80 meters.