In the history of the prestigious London

In the history of the prestigious London Bridge in bridge hundreds of meters, 17 bridge on the river Thames. The history of the bridge. The oldest Early in the year 43, the Rome military conquest of Britain is here to set up the first wooden bridge on Thames River. Later, people on the site of the bridge built a District stone bridge, the bridge became the oldest bridge on the river Thames.
Located in Durham, in England are on the North Bank of the Thames, the tower of London 11 thousand century built in the city of London in the southeast corner of Tashan. This is a castle style building, to defense and control of the city of London.
Tower of London in its internal and external are built with two defense training. Foreign defense training is not high, outside the walls as wrong to bunker trenches, built 6 forts along the wall. Higher defensive block walls and along the culture with 13 seat convex outside the walls of the cave fort, every seat bunkers are divided into two layers or three layers, has a dual role, the wartime for defense, usually as a housing.
Located in the center of the tower of London Baita is a Norman building, high three, four corners of the tower, only the northeast corner towers is round, the other three tower is square. Baita 90 feet high. The upper part of the wall thickness of 11 feet and base thickness 15 feet, Baita around also has more than a defensive buildings. These buildings divided into inner and outer layer and the inner defense of 13 towers, Yiweikefeita, Bloody Tower, Beauchamp tower site famous, and tower, well tower six tower and two bastions is outer defense. The outer protective chisel around the moat. The Katedra Sw. Jana is a Norman tower structure, is the oldest church in London in a.
Colombo tower at the southwest corner set the entrance, before entering the Diaolou Mead, must through the trenches outside the pillboxes, ditches, and a bridge. In Mead towers, and then crossed the bridge into Bevad towers, it was wall defense zone. If Xiao to the south, after Plataea can enter the tight, culture defense zone,
As the two fortified towers and palaces built. Tower of London by the British king king as summerheat, China is faced with before must also live in Tower of London. The Tower of London was used to close the anti British history a lot of the goods group and political celebrities.
Is located in the west of the London District of Westminster St James park on the Buckingham Palace palace in the United kingdom.
In 1703, the Duke of Buckingham and Duke of Normandy and John. Sheffield will be built a mansion here named Buckingham officer. In 1761, King George III bought the mansion, as the king of the living area. Queen Victoria in 1838 in the throne, the Buckingham officer as monarch of the ancient residence.
After repeatedly reconstruction and expansion of Buckingham Palace has now formed a grand scale three story rectangular building, east the main officer up to 110 meters, a building attached to the palace in the third, ask is the queen, accompanied by foreign heads of state reviewed the guard of honor of oblong courtyard.
Is very particular about the furnishings of the palace of the degree of luxury is incomparable to other countries, the whole palace a total of 600 large and small rooms. The ceremony hall, reception hall, dance halls, concert hall, gallery, library, philatelic room hall (room) is more important. These rooms are decorated with dazzling ice glass, carved glass chandelier, also set up a magnificent ceiling, covered with luxurious carpet, the furniture and furnishings are microscopic rare art treasures.
In addition to the 3 official opening of Buckingham, other parts are not open to the public. Opening to the outside world place include: a Praetorian Guard changing ceremony, every day at 11:30 in the forecourt of the palace held the ceremony like a costume drama performances, by the praetorian guard band as accompaniment, the second is located in Buckingham, on the south side of the Queen’s gallery, established in 1961 in a royal Church waste gladiators of the gallery is exhibited royal collection of art treasures in the small art gallery. Located in the city of London, England “Fleet Street” outside the east gate of the not distant Luddite Gheit on the mountain of St. Paul’s Cathedral is the world’s third largest church. The architectural features of its long history, magnificent dome and attracted a large number of have a style of one’s own visitors to britain.