Hermes appreciation at first design

The cover design of stunning brilliance, like stained glass pocket. I Henr d’Origny design Arceau jewelry in 1978 published, its characteristics for both ends of the jewelrycase round asymmetry of stirrup shaped lugs, unique appearance is obvious at a glance. Hermes before and a lot of famous jewelry factory cooperation launches jewelry, for their manufacturing Ermeto a pocket jewelry and is the Swiss movado jewelry factory, the era of the 1930s they also goodbye with Hermes, space and Vacheron Constantin cooperation making a series of movement due to mechanical jewelry, brooches pocket jewelry, reported Zhong Hezhuo chime of the clock.

Hermes appreciation at first, Hermes will design their own jewelry given to an outstanding Swiss jewelrymaker responsible for manufacturing, until 1978, Hermes in the Swiss jewelrymaking industry birthplace in Bienne founded their own manufacturing world, and La Montre Hermes company, officially became a jewelry maker. Hermes and other luxury brand keen in domestic fake but on consumer rights indifference on the one hand, luxury brands are keen on individual industrial and commercial households were fake rights; on the other hand, consumers to the brand proposed the maintenance of their rights and interests is very difficult to obtain the safeguard. Identification of Hermes jewelry cheats everyone know to distinguish jewelry, then Hermes jewelry are how to identify it, the following my for everyone to talk about their experiences.

Suijewelry day pointer jump back in situ elegant rotary back to dial the posture, and week and month of two disk full didn’t do swing dance, each followed the strict careful footwork, perform accurate flawless timing office. And this kind of decorative form of the order of composition is easy to be grasped by the visual, its internal regularity can produce a harmonious visual effect, make people relaxed, comforjewelry. Thanks to the new two studio is located in Isre and Charente can effectively improve the productivity.

Han Ke Rui said: “Shanghai this passionate, full of unique oriental charm of the city, with its vibrant and the attitude of the world blend with each other.

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