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CND Jewelry Tales – My Year of Jewelry
Every single piece has its personal story that’s why it really is called Jewelry Tales.
Tuesday, November five, 2013
Ellen leaned back in the saddle and stretched the kinks out of her back and legs till now, she hadn’t realized just how blue the sky was, up here on the mountain. It seemed as if they’d been climbing forever she knew her horse was feeling it, as well. Time to make camp.
She smiled as she pulled the saddle off she watched her horse shake off the sweat with a satisfied grunt. As tired as she was, she took care of her horse very first a cooling walk, a brisk curry with the sweat scraper and then they could each have something to consume and a great rest.
In the morning, when the sun rose, they’d continue there had been many more mountains ahead of them.
© 2013 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel
Eugenia was game for most anything, but even she had to admit that this proposition gave her pause. Did she genuinely want to wear an exact copy of her life, a record of all her thoughts, hopes, and deeds, on her wrist for all to see? (Even worse was the concept that this copy would be designed and the original scanned by the cutest pair of puppy-dog eyes she’d ever noticed, on top of the nicest…”Scratch that, Geni,” she warned herself “if you go through with this, he’ll see that, as well.”)
Realizing that this wasn’t the initial time these thoughts had appeared in her mind, she grinned and let herself dwell on them once again. May possibly as nicely be hanged for a sheep as a lamb, she believed the probabilities of anybody considering her the least bit lamb-like were someplace amongst slim and none.
Provided the problems she’d discovered herself in lately, it wasn’t a undesirable notion to have a copy of her life on file. There was a pretty great possibility that she may well need to have to reboot herself one particular of these days. Her journey hadn’t precisely been ordinary neither have been her thoughts. But nevertheless, there were some issues that she’d kept private, and she wasn’t certain she wanted to give that up. Of course, if the option was that her life may well disappear as if it had by no means been, and there would be no way to recall her to this sphere, nicely, maybe it would be worth the threat.
As it turned out, she needn’t have worried. As rapidly as the fabric of her life was woven, it pleated itself the bracelet became as embellished as her own life and, in a fraction of a second, even she did not know what was correct and what she’d invented.
© 2013 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel, modeled by Maria Daniel
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As it turned out, Eugenia had enough time to relive every moment spent with the inventor of the bubble, and fairly a lot of time left more than to imagine their next meeting. And the one soon after that. His bubble may possibly have saved her from a watery grave, but it took its personal sweet time delivering her back to dry land. But provide her it did, and she reckoned that she’d used the time pleasantly sufficient.
Nonetheless and all, she wasn’t above teasing him a bit when they lastly did meet up once more she could not assist asking if there have been other factors about him that had been made to take just as long. The appear he gave her told her that there just may well be a thing or two great thing Bronwyn wasn’t anywhere about or she’d in no way hear the end of it.
He handed her a box with a sly smile, saying how significantly he appreciated her testing his bubble (and not breaking it), and wondering out loud if she’d ever thought about venturing into a hotter sphere. She briefly deemed throwing the box at him, unopened, but remembering how effectively his bubble had worked, and, provided that her Flights of Fancy had been mighty erratic lately, she decided to preserve it.
Slipping the ring on her finger she looked up at him and stated, “Can you assure that factors will heat up if I put on it?”
If you’d like to study the preceding adventures of Eugenia, check out Flight of Fancy and Time and Tides
© 2012 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel
Jenna twisted her hair into a knot and tied it back, out of her eyes. Ends stuck out at odd angles, but she could not be bothered with that as lengthy as it couldn’t get in her face, she was satisfied. Her hair was waist length, blonde, and complete of split ends, but it suited her. It was simple, and she liked factors like hair to be simple.
She kicked off her flip flops, stripped off her jeans and t-shirt and pulled on her wetsuit. Waving to pals who had been just arriving, she picked up her board and walked toward the ocean, leaving her stuff in a pile on the sand. It would be there when she got back it always was, and if an individual needed those jeans adequate to take them, that was okay, as well.
She waded in, dropped her board, and paddled out to wait for a wave.
© 2012 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel focal bead by Lisa Peters ART
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The dress was magic.
She slipped on her footwear, and fastened a bracelet about her wrist. Tonight was her evening to shine the dress promised romance, and she believed.
© 2011 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel
your personal story.
I’ve decided to commence supplying tutorials, so that you can tell your personal stories. I hope you like making my designs as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.
Download tutorials immediately:
From generating lace to silversmithing, I perform with a huge assortment of materials and like to cross more than from 1 medium to the next.
I believe that the most exciting items occur on the edges, exactly where one craft touches and becomes yet another.
I invite you to come and play on the edges with me.
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