Cartier ancient myth of the classic jewelry

Duke and Duchess of Windsor will each other romantic honeymoon trip map engraved on a mosaic of precious stones and gold pipe. This flower will bloom every year in Cartier’s garden.

Cartier ancient myth of the classic jewelry works by the influence of Oriental civilization, in the whole of the decoration art period, Cartier jewelry masters are always inclined to the interpretation and reproduction of distant civilizations, ancient myths and exotic elements. Whether senior jewelry or watches series Cartier are in line with the excellent production process, professional technology and unique style, passing the nobility of exclusive of its brand value.

Style, each showing a kind of ultimate luxuriant feeling, let love people deeply love it. As many French artists, collectors and patrons, the main works of this jewelry has many Cartier couple.

king of jewelry, jewelry emperor & quot, Cartier will under the dome of the palace most majestic core exhibition, stunning offer debut of 148 Dé paysement series art of Pierre the much anticipated event — the 26th Biennale Antique French Paris Grand Palace opened Huamei prelude. Claude Monet, the orchid and water lilies are integrated into the paintings.