Bvlgari in China World Trade Center Beijing store

The inspiration from the classical fold fan is a wonderful achievement in the three-dimensional corolla modeling. New series of under dense diamond foil, amethyst, turquoise, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, mother of Pearl and other all kinds of precious stones volleyed Guanghua brilliant; at the same time, opaque gems and translucent gems creating a contrast between, filled with plump vivid Mediterranean atmosphere. BVLGARI Bvlgari released DIVA series of jewelry in China World Trade Center Beijing recently, Bvlgari in China World Trade Center Beijing store held a new DIVA series of media preview, the model for everyone to perfect interpretation of the DIVA series gorgeous style.

The book of the origin of creation is belonged to accidental: Merlin and the Bulgari family, the two brothers to meet in an informal party, very happy, the brothers mouth those vivid legend and whimsy lit the desire of his creation, so he decided to put into the pen end the conversation. & gt; & gt; tribute to the eternal moment, Bulgari in 2013 released Diva senior jewelry watches. in), the Bvlgari brand and archives curator Ms. As the art of painting, DIVA high jewellery has rich design elements diverse and distinct levels.

Bright BVLGARI Bvlgari, the sparkling screen romantic journey to the mysterious totem, the key to happiness. This conference is the Italy garden senior jewelry series following the new conference in Florence, Paris, Italy advanced custom fashion week debut, the first appearance in china. In Greek mythology, the snake is a symbol of life, playing an important role in the healing, death and rebirth.