Mysterious Nam Co

Nam Co is located in the central Tibet autonomous region, is the second largest lake in Tibet, is also the third largest salt lake in china. Lake 4718 meters above sea level, the shape of an approximate rectangle, more than and 70 kilometers east, North and South more than and 30 kilometers wide, covering an area of more than 1 thousand and 920 square kilometers.
Early scientific investigation that the maximum depth of 33 meters, but the most recent two years on the lake to re survey found that Nam Co is more than 120 meters deep. Water storage capacity of 76 billion 800 million cubic meters, the world’s highest in the sea of large lakes.
“Nam Co” is Tibetan, Mongolian name “Tengger sea”, is the “Lake” of italy. Nam Co in Tibet is one of the “three lakes”. Namtso is ancient male Dharma Mr Yong taught the first God lake, one of the famous Buddhist shrine.
Nam Co is the end of the third century and the early of the fourth century, the Great Basin and the formation of Himalaya depression movement. Its formation and development are controlled by the geological structure, which is formed by the movement of Himalaya sag, which is a fault depression structure lake, and has the trace of glacial action. Due to the Tibetan Plateau climate gradually drying, Namtso area greatly reduced, the existing ancient rock lake line is 8 ~ 10, the highest road from now the lake is about 80 meters.

Hermes appreciation at first design

The cover design of stunning brilliance, like stained glass pocket. I Henr d’Origny design Arceau jewelry in 1978 published, its characteristics for both ends of the jewelrycase round asymmetry of stirrup shaped lugs, unique appearance is obvious at a glance. Hermes before and a lot of famous jewelry factory cooperation launches jewelry, for their manufacturing Ermeto a pocket jewelry and is the Swiss movado jewelry factory, the era of the 1930s they also goodbye with Hermes, space and Vacheron Constantin cooperation making a series of movement due to mechanical jewelry, brooches pocket jewelry, reported Zhong Hezhuo chime of the clock.

Hermes appreciation at first, Hermes will design their own jewelry given to an outstanding Swiss jewelrymaker responsible for manufacturing, until 1978, Hermes in the Swiss jewelrymaking industry birthplace in Bienne founded their own manufacturing world, and La Montre Hermes company, officially became a jewelry maker. Hermes and other luxury brand keen in domestic fake but on consumer rights indifference on the one hand, luxury brands are keen on individual industrial and commercial households were fake rights; on the other hand, consumers to the brand proposed the maintenance of their rights and interests is very difficult to obtain the safeguard. Identification of Hermes jewelry cheats everyone know to distinguish jewelry, then Hermes jewelry are how to identify it, the following my for everyone to talk about their experiences.

Suijewelry day pointer jump back in situ elegant rotary back to dial the posture, and week and month of two disk full didn’t do swing dance, each followed the strict careful footwork, perform accurate flawless timing office. And this kind of decorative form of the order of composition is easy to be grasped by the visual, its internal regularity can produce a harmonious visual effect, make people relaxed, comforjewelry. Thanks to the new two studio is located in Isre and Charente can effectively improve the productivity.

Han Ke Rui said: “Shanghai this passionate, full of unique oriental charm of the city, with its vibrant and the attitude of the world blend with each other.

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Bvlgari in China World Trade Center Beijing store

The inspiration from the classical fold fan is a wonderful achievement in the three-dimensional corolla modeling. New series of under dense diamond foil, amethyst, turquoise, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, mother of Pearl and other all kinds of precious stones volleyed Guanghua brilliant; at the same time, opaque gems and translucent gems creating a contrast between, filled with plump vivid Mediterranean atmosphere. BVLGARI Bvlgari released DIVA series of jewelry in China World Trade Center Beijing recently, Bvlgari in China World Trade Center Beijing store held a new DIVA series of media preview, the model for everyone to perfect interpretation of the DIVA series gorgeous style.

The book of the origin of creation is belonged to accidental: Merlin and the Bulgari family, the two brothers to meet in an informal party, very happy, the brothers mouth those vivid legend and whimsy lit the desire of his creation, so he decided to put into the pen end the conversation. & gt; & gt; tribute to the eternal moment, Bulgari in 2013 released Diva senior jewelry watches. in), the Bvlgari brand and archives curator Ms. As the art of painting, DIVA high jewellery has rich design elements diverse and distinct levels.

Bright BVLGARI Bvlgari, the sparkling screen romantic journey to the mysterious totem, the key to happiness. This conference is the Italy garden senior jewelry series following the new conference in Florence, Paris, Italy advanced custom fashion week debut, the first appearance in china. In Greek mythology, the snake is a symbol of life, playing an important role in the healing, death and rebirth.


Cartier ancient myth of the classic jewelry

Duke and Duchess of Windsor will each other romantic honeymoon trip map engraved on a mosaic of precious stones and gold pipe. This flower will bloom every year in Cartier’s garden.

Cartier ancient myth of the classic jewelry works by the influence of Oriental civilization, in the whole of the decoration art period, Cartier jewelry masters are always inclined to the interpretation and reproduction of distant civilizations, ancient myths and exotic elements. Whether senior jewelry or watches series Cartier are in line with the excellent production process, professional technology and unique style, passing the nobility of exclusive of its brand value.

Style, each showing a kind of ultimate luxuriant feeling, let love people deeply love it. As many French artists, collectors and patrons, the main works of this jewelry has many Cartier couple.

king of jewelry, jewelry emperor & quot, Cartier will under the dome of the palace most majestic core exhibition, stunning offer debut of 148 Dé paysement series art of Pierre the much anticipated event — the 26th Biennale Antique French Paris Grand Palace opened Huamei prelude. Claude Monet, the orchid and water lilies are integrated into the paintings.

I really like the brand new Cartier

As possible notice in the inner surface pictures, that building’s first buildings continues to be found in addition to fits Cartier Jewelers’ general ambiance. This specific semitransparent to be able to opaque natural stone offers a good undeniable spicey tangerine colour which is challenging never to observe. I really like moss in addition to dendritic agates, only in no way aimed within about selecting virtually any or maybe it’s unlikely that any get minted me personally plenty of to obtain. Like almost all selections, the idea generally gets going by using one particular item andf the other lovely history. Face shield jewelry: for any strong glimpse, face shield design jewelry within gold have become famous. I really like the brand new, austere ambiance of the band, though it has ended two hundred yoa. Within The fall of connected with 1922, that attempts connected with Master Carnarvon in addition to Howard Billings culminated from the cutting open in the grave connected with Tutankhamun, that was centered at Egypt in the Area in the Nobleman.

facility ornamented through bezel placed diamond rings. Normally the one to the still left is actually by using rubies, sapphires, in addition to pearls. I used to be set for a genuine cure present Post moved in to the store–I want virtually any traditional Cartier Jewelry extractor to create any getaway out there to go to Cartier. Baseball in addition to land drawing a line under. Establishing an antique in addition to traditional Cartier Jewelry organization together with your aunt appears like any marvelous in addition to excellent circumstance. This specific someone’s starting my personal bookshelf in addition to I am hoping it’s going to be within your own also! Which is whenever a unfamiliar person rapidly grew to become an associate, in addition to I am fired up to be able to propose your girlfriend to all or any my personal viewers also! The idea schedules to be able to throughout the very first fifty percent in the twentieth hundred years and also the mix off that light source orange in addition to dark-colored teeth enamel is actually efficiency.

This specific unrivalled in addition to varied group offers become generally known as That Martins Group. Every earring is focused by using a good square design sapphire connected with ranging hues–dark tangerine, lilac, tangerine, efficient in addition to orange. Not one but two brooches that may end up being from the future Signature bank Great deals is a gold dark red in addition to diamonds bee/fly which platinum moose in addition to buggy, of therefore well put together to access notice. Good deal 442: Any sweet couple of diamonds in addition to cultured pearl hang jewels. Good deal 511: This specific traditional 15k platinum brooch is known for a well put together aspect–the bottom part hang is actually removable!

The idea offers 116, 000 block toes connected with Cartier in addition to curiosities, through more than 650 retailers! circaoncedros photos this specific image connected with a few of its band catalog, Post tough to choose a popular! In the event you didn’t found portion one particular, just click here. They’re just that height connected with exciting connected with modern good jewelry!


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